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The Implementation Compass™ was developed by Bridges Business Consultancy Int from research into what the companies that successfully implement strategy do differently.

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Digital, solves many of the time-old organizational issues in business.

Articles 04 Feb 2019
How Digital Execution (DE) Differs from Traditional Strategy Execution (TSE)

The failure rate for executing a digital strategy is even higher than from traditional strategy execution

Articles 21 Jan 2019
What is Strategy?

Porter's classic

Articles 31 Dec 2018
Turning Great Strategy into Great Performance

A must read in streategy implementation

Articles 17 Dec 2018
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A. G. Lafley, established a portfolio of performance initiatives that gave priority to four core businesses. At the same time, he created a "not-to-do" list including projects that were driven by technology rather than customer needs.

- From A. G. Lafley