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The Implementation Compass™ was developed by Bridges Business Consultancy Int from research into what the companies that successfully implement strategy do differently.

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Strategy@50,000 Feet to Ground Level

Strategy is crafted at 50,000 feet and is implemented at the ground level.

Articles 31 May 2020
How to Influence Your People

Based on Dr. Robert Cialdini, professor of psychology and marketing at Arizona State University research

Articles 17 May 2020
Why implementing strategy is like flying a kite - Rita Gunther McGrath

Rita contributes her thinking on strategy implementatiuon.

Articles 17 May 2020
Failure is Constantly Watching

Before you even start your implementation journey, the odds are stacked against you as more executions fail than succeed.

Articles 03 May 2020
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Implementation Tip
of the day

Talk about the implementation impact, not its financial impact.

- From Robin Speculand